The organization spent a lot of time and cost in setting up a robust, indestructible IT infrastructure. But what if all the efforts go down the drain? What if a malicious cyber-attack intrudes on your well-built network? Hackers are getting more and more intelligent than ever before. Once they are successful in doing what they intend for. It will draw dusk on your bright visions. In this situation, pen testing as a service can be your saviour. 

Now, what is penetration testing? 

” Penetration testing or ethical hacking is a process in which a hacker launches an intended attack and identifies network vulnerabilities to prove that the security loopholes exist. Hackers do this all with the apparent consent of network owners. 

Its purpose is to keep unauthorized network intrusions at bay. 

In this blog, we will explore the following: 

  • What is a penetration test as a service? 
  • Why is pen testing as a service so important?
  • Is outsourcing pen tests as a service a better option? Things to keep in mind.
  • Why choose a testing software company for pen testing as a service? 

What is a penetration test as a service? 

Penetration testing as a service or a pen test as a service means an outside party providing you white hat testers to launch penetration tests on your network, applications, or websites. These are the cloud-based services aiming at findings and fixing security gaps in the IT infrastructure. 

Why is pen testing as a service so important? 

Pent test as a service has many benefits for businesses. I will mention a few of them here. 

  • There are a lot of companies that don’t possess sufficient experience to handle IT technicalities. Therefore, pen test as a service provides them highly skilled white hat testers and resources that are a linchpin of successful penetration testing. 
  • Through pen testing as a service, customers can gain extended control. Moreover, it keeps them in the loop about current progress and status. 
  • Launching the simulated attack is not easier to do. Pen testing as a service provides the benefit of automation, making it easy to conduct penetration tests in less time.
  • In Pen testing as a service, you only pay for what you desire. There are different purchase plans available as per your pen testing needs. 
  • In information technology, or more specifically in cybersecurity, the status is stagnant. Therefore, it is essential to get real-time data. Luckily, pen testing as a service enables an organization to get immediate access to RTD. 
  • It is also beneficial to give the advantage of flexible reporting, which is highly appreciated by stakeholders. 
pen testing as a service

Is outsourcing pen tests as a service a better option? Things to keep in mind. 

Outsourcing pen testing services are, without fail, a good option for you. That is when you want to focus on your core activities. Also, when you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest tools, methodologies, and trends. However, there are a few things to strictly keep in mind while outsourcing penetration tests as a service. 

  • The testers have to be very well aware of multiple file formats for report generation. 
  • Teams must be multi-tasker. It ensures the success of the project swiftly. 
  • Data correlation and aggregation with different resources are also something they must be very well versed in. 
  • Pen testers must be in the know about the emerging trend. It is essential to provide up-to-date solutions to cyber issues. 
  • The experience, portfolio, and customer reviews also matter a lot. So do keep an out. 

Why choose a testing software company for pen testing as a service

We have gathered the best white hat testers from all across the world. And, then, crafted our team that has it all that you are looking for. Experience, expertise, watchful eye on evolving trends, command on using new tools, technologies, methodologies are some of the many characteristics of a testing software company. We can’t wait to make your project a big success.

Penetration testing services that we provide are as follows: 

  • Web application security test
  • Network services test 
  • Remote access security test
  • Physical security test
  • Client-side security test
  • Social engineering test

We not only provide services. We provide experience.