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We offer many advantages in software testing. Below are a few of the most popular: Cost-cutting and value-added: Testing Software Company provides quality software engineering talent with minimal cost and innovation as a plus feature. Proficiency: Testing Software Company has been providing software testing services for over a decade and has requisite team of software testing engineers, automation architects, and experts ready to handle your next project. Scalability & fast time to completion : Partnering with a Testing Software Company allows your business to quickly add value and start testing immediately. We can help you in skipping the costly and time-consuming HR process of hiring an in-house engineer. 24/7 testing: Testing Software Company’s global facilities allow your teams to test 24/7 by taking advantage of the different time zones that our offices provide.

With a decade of testing expertise and proven leadership in automation, API, functional and mobile testing, we deliver the understanding, trust, and the finest quality testing standards so you can always be confident in the results. We have clientele relationship forging multiple years due to our proactive communication, depth of knowledge, the scope of services, and the ability to manage small to highly complex engagements

Each project with Testing Software Company is different in length and scope. Depending on the availability of the professionals and customer needs, we often start a new project within a week of contract.

• Software/SaaS • Digital Collaboration and Media Streaming • Cybersecurity • Legal Tech • Healthcare • Financial Services • Retail/E-commerce • Start-up • Construction • HR Tech • eLearning Have a look at the full list of the services that Testing Software Company serves

Our professional staffs are highly trained and have college degrees, specialized degrees, or professional certificates. Our experts collectively hold numerous certifications, including different languages, sprint planning, Agile, and Scrum master. We provide rigorous ongoing training to enhance our workforce skills.

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Our employee retention rates are the highest in the industry; more than 90%. The secret to out foster employee relation is the exceptional culture focused on inclusion and diversity which has fuelled sustainable growth since the start of our business. We also have a Training Institute which identifies and develops talent and also continuously “gives back” through educational development and social impact programs worldwide.

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Testing Software Company is dedicated to keeping your software and data security. We follow ISO 9001 and SOC 2 Type II compliance policy besides constantly evaluating our security policies and internal systems. Our experts sign MNDA agreements. We assign codenames to each of our clients

Teams communicate via email, phone/video calls, and instant messaging applications, such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Lync, and Skype. With the changing scope of our projects, communication requirements differ. We are flexible and can work with our client’s communication system.

c uses a Distributed Agile Model consisting U.S. based project management along with offshore and inshore QA superiors and a steadfast QA team.

We have a system that monitors our client programs and provide see-through reporting to measure and drive success.

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