In this blog, you will explore the following

  • What is an STD testing service? 
  • Types of STD 
  • Advantages of STD 
  • Disadvantages of STD
  • What are the best practices for successful software testing documentation?

What is an STD testing service?

Software testing documentation is a record of files. These files contain information regarding the software testing strategies, metrics, progress, and outcomes that a testing team achieved. 

It helps testers in successful planning and execution by providing a record of reliable data. 

Types of std

Software testing document serves as a bridge among project participants. That, in turn, ensures the success of any project. 

Software testing documents are of two types: 

External software testing document

Bug reports

Bug reports can either include recently identified bugs and their fixes. Or they may consist of only the bug issue description if the fixing strategy is yet not known. 

External reports

This document describes the complete project or some functionality. Majorly these external reports contain information on test results.

Test summary report

Test summary report is essential to stakeholders. It contains information on final testing outcomes. 

Internal software testing document

Test data

It is the data that helps in verifying software’s features and its output. 

Test strategy

This is the file that helps to match the outcomes with the planned results. This contains all the information about the entire product testing approach. 

Test plan

This is an essential software testing document. It contains information regarding the testing strategy, available resources, testing environment, timeline, and limitations of the software testing process. This file is essential for both stakeholders and team members. 

Test cases

Test cases contain information about test steps, test data, postcondition, precondition. Testers can use this information to compare actual results with the desires results. This, in turn, helps verify the functionality of the software. 

Test scenarios

The test scenario is a statement that describes the functionality of the software that requires testing. It can further break down into more test cases. 

Traceability Matrix

This is a software testing document, mostly in table form. It compares any two baseline documents and aids in determining their relationship completeness. 

std testing service

Advantages of STD testing service

  • It helps in enhancing transparency with clients.
  • Software testing documents ensure that quality products are delivered within a minimum time. 
  • Testers can remove any uncertainties and ambiguities in testing activities. 
  • Through software testing documents, software testing can be conducted with a systematic approach. 
  • It can also serve as training material for new software testers. 
  • A document can represent you as professionals. 

Disadvantages of STD testing service

  • If documentation is not done the right way, it can lead to misunderstanding between client and organization. This is due to the reason that insufficient documentation reflects a bad quality product. 
  • Creating software testing documents can be very time-consuming and costly at the same time. 
  • The client may require changes in the papers. Keeping track of client requests and updating the STD is difficult. 

Best practices to achieve perfect software testing document

  • Before your organization commences writing software testing documents, it is imperative to provide complete information to the writers. 
  • The full involvement of the QA team is crucial. This is imperative to ensure that documentation continues side by side. 
  • Creating a software testing document is not a one time job. You must keep updating it from time to time. 
  • For managing and tracking documents, version control is a good option. 
  • You must retain all the software testing documents in one place. This makes it easy for all the members to access it to view or make changes at any time. 

Final words

Software testing documentation is a time consuming and effort-filled task. But, it is worth your efforts. It depicts a high level of maturity. Suppose you don’t know how to do it, no worries. We, at a testing software company, provide top-notch STD testing services. We eagerly want you to collaborate with us.